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26 July 2014 @ 10:23 am
FIC: A Rigged Game - R?  
I have vague memories of writing this already, but since I don't seem to have posted it and it isn't saved to my laptop or my email drafts, it must have been a dream?

This is for Anonymous on the FrostIronPrompt LiveJournal, and for unna_rainchaser for waiting patiently for 18.5 months... Enjoy!

“A Rigged Game”

Disclaimer: The Avengers, Tony, Loki, etc belong to Marvel, Stan Lee, et co. I make no money from this and own nothing, don’t sue.
Summary: [Tony/Loki] Tony didn’t want to sell himself to some rich, vapid stranger even if it was for a good cause. But then he saw who, exactly, was bidding on him, and suddenly Tony wasn’t so opposed to the idea. A date with Loki? That sounded like his kind of fun.
Warnings: Slash. Loki/Tony. Charity Auction. Tony is pretty rude about fund raising. Post-Avengers. LiveJournal prompt.
Rating: R?
A/N: The prompt was: “The Avengers all take part in a charity auction, and Loki, looking all regal and elegant in his formal suit keeps smiling and bidding on Tony - who is all intrigued and does leave with Loki in the end.”
Title:Auction houses run a rigged game. They know exactly how many people will be bidding on a work and exactly who they are.” Jerry Saltz.


Words: 2,785
Chapter 1
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