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30 May 2015 @ 02:36 pm
Fic: The Ties that Bind (Green Blanket Series #3) | MCU | Explicit  
Author: dracavia/Dracavia
Tony Stark is sure it was Loki that saw him through the night before Pepper’s funeral, even if he’s talking up the uncertainty with the team. That’s because he knows he owes Loki a debt for helping pull him back together and he really doesn’t want to hear Steve’s lecture about being compromised. Fortunately for him, when Loki decides to call in that debt it doesn’t actually involve anything he finds morally troubling.
Word count: 15,175
Warnings: Mentions of past off-screen character death (referenced from GBS1)
Rating: Explicit (mildly)
Pairings: Tony/Loki, past Tony/Pepper, long past Loki/OMC
Author’s note:
The next story in this series is done as well and just back from beta. I’ll probably have it formatted and posted up about this time next week. :) I’m not sure when the next one will be after that, but I currently have ideas for two more stories in this series after these. So make sure to subscribe to the series if you want to be notified when they’re up.

Story on AO3

Series on AO3

Series Description: One's a mad trickster god, the other's a mad inventor. Together they've found common ground over sex, loss and... a green blanket?
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